Wednesday, 26 Jun , 2019
International Evaluation and Accreditation Union (referred to IEAU, IUEA),which is proposed by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), U.S. Department of Education and U.S. Department of Commerce is the international union organization which is united to impel and establish by many International well-known organization. The headquarter of IEAU is established in the State of Delaware of United States. And the operation for IEAU is by the rule of the international current laws and the USA laws.
● IEAU is the most authoritative international organization for evaluation and accreditation in the whole world at present. IEAU has attained an overwhelming majority of countries’ admit in the world, and impels to subscribe the department memorandum with various countries’ important leaders actively. It has owned more than 600 high-ranking member institutions and millions of common members presently.
● IEAU owns the most authoritative system for evaluation and accreditation in the whole world. IEAU owns powerful expert group for evaluation and accreditation which comes from various of associations’ experts...
IEAU Certificate Center for Registration and Identification(IEAU-CCRI)
IEAU-CCRI is the subsidiary body of IEAU. Under the guidance of UNESCO, it gathers lots of international experts and has the world-recognized verification and certification
system, thus it becomes the most authoritative center of certificate for the record and verification in the world.
It is not only responsible for recording university degree, graduation certificate for international record, but also for each international authentication ...
IEAU Professional Qualification Certification Committee(IEAU-PQCC)
International Evaluation and Accreditation Union (IEAU、IUEA) researched a great many authentication systems and global check-up standards which
propel every university’s certification and relative practising certificate of the authentication institution into standardization, scientization, globalization and make the standard of every country’s relative certification tend towards to unity. What’s more, the authentication systems and ....
IEAU Industry Evaluation Committee(IEAU-IEC)
IEAU-IEC is a directly subordinate committee of IEAU. And the reviewers are from global industry associations, professional university, corporation high-ranking managers, appraiser of evaluation institution,etc. Its main

business is holding the review and verifying activities of authority industry associations, enterprises. Its’ scope covers the criticism and recommend of World Authority of Industry Enterprise, World Industry Integrity Organization, World Famous Brand, World Famous Product, etc. ...

IEAU Newbrain Institute of Education (IEAU-NIE)
IEAU-NIE is an Inner college of education in IEAU. It’s a college which refine on cultivating scientific technology, brain potentiality and training professional staff, vocation as well as medicine teaching research. Besides, it also recruits

university students, correspondent university students and self-study examination university students.
IEAU-NIE enjoys an international outstanding fame and it is famous for high technology, creative teaching as well as theory which equals to practice ...

IEAU World Business Network of Famous Enterprise(IEAU-BNFE)
IEAU-BNFE is a international trade platform which is directly managed by IEAU. Its main business is providing the service of releasing products’ supply and demand information for the world famous corporation to criticize and identity.

Those corporations who had passed the certificate of “World Famous Enterprise” will attain the IEAU international certificate. And they also can release products’ supply and demand information on IEAU-BNFE. What’s more, they can strengthen the business,enlarge the manage scale and spread the ...

IEAU World Famous Personage Network(IEAU-FPN)
IEAU-FPN is a platform of international celebrity which is directly managed by IEAU. It carries out world famous personage criticism activities. What’s more, it also promotes the assertions and recommendation of international top figures and international special skill celebrity. It focuses on publicizing the

professional skills, remarkable fame, outstanding contribution of world celebrity, as well as enlarging social admitting. By this way, it can make the world celebrities have more opportunities to cultivate their potential abilities best. ...

IEAU Social Affairs Evaluation Committee(IEAU-SAEC)
IEAU-SAEC is a directly subordinate institution of IEAU. The reviewers are mainly from various countries’ government officials, university professors, all works of experts and authors, authoritative sources from media institution, social affair criticism.

EAU-SAEC carries out review aimed at various countries’ government affairs, international relation, people’s well-being affairs, natural ecology. And it also previews the important things that maybe happen. IEAU arouse various countries’ ...

Potential Development Committee of International Evaluation and Accreditation Union(IEAU-PDC)
IEAU-PDC is a directly subordinate institution of IEAU. It has the exclusive monopoly position in certify the potential development and is protected by relative laws of international and domestic.

IEAU-PDC is specialized in charge the training of potential development, memory training, right brain development, whole brain education, through the potential development and whole brain educational technology which is authorized by The International ...
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